Laighton + Heather Walters 

Laighton had a tough upbringing, his parents divorced when he was 5, he was in two serious house fires and the family suffered the devastating loss of his auntie just before her wedding day. A sports injury in secondary school put to rest the dream of being a competitive athlete doing the triple jump. Late teens and early adulthood saw him become a football hooligan, and then turn to drink as a way of coping with life's disappointments. Laighton married Heather, a young single mum and came to know Jesus through her, and an amazing parish vicar who he would have 'football banter' with each Sunday. Laighton gave his life to Jesus in a chalet one night at Spring Harvest!

Heather was brought up in a Christian home, with two much older brothers, she was like an only child, she suffered at the hands of bullies for most of her childhood, but at the age of 16 reinvented herself and fell into the rock music scene. Spiraling into the world of the occult saw her making some bad life decisions, including abusive relationships. Falling pregnant at 21 and ending up back at home led to Heather giving her life back to Jesus and making the choice to follow him. Soon after that, she met Laighton and after a whirlwind romance they married.

Now married with three children, Euan 18, Arwen 12, and Rowan 6, They have continued on their Christian journey. They both trained as Lay Ministers in the C of E.(2008) Laighton and Heather pursued a vision to open a Foodbank and successfully opened and managed  Deal Area Foodbank. (2012) They also ran a parish community cafe held in their local church building. (2011) Laighton and Heather have always felt the call to serve the least and last, and have followed this calling up to Manchester where they continue in their mission to love and serve those who live below the poverty line. They felt God call them to full time ministry and have been working full time as Urban Missionaries since 2015 with the Eden Network and Ivy Church.