Cost to the family

We believe that families who receive breakAway support should contribute towards the cost of the break.
There are several reasons for this but the most import reasons are:

  • Families will have real ownership over their break.
  • We can help families budget for the break cost and their spending money.
  • We want to offer families a hand up and not a hand out.

1-3 Night break £69 Total cost, per family.
4-6 Night beark £99 Total cost, per family.

Cost to BreakAway

A rough breakdown of costs are as follows.

  • Hotel / Caravan £100-£200
  • Travel costs £100
  • Food costs £50-£100
  • Insurance £30

BreakAway covers the majority of cost for each holiday.
Have you thought about supporting BreakAway families?

We are asking potenital friends of BreakAway to sponsor 1 or more parts of the break, for example Travel costs, or Food costs.