About us;
Breakaway is a Ministry that looks to serve families on a low income and/or in crisis.
We provide short breaks away for families who need it.
1 in 4 families don't get to go on any sort of holiday or short break. There are many reasons for this, poverty being one reason, ill health or disability being another example. People who live in the cycle of poverty experience frequent crisis, some will be under agencies such as Social Services, but many families just coast along, unnoticed, but struggling with the burdens of life. In our experience, such people lack confidence and practical skills to get away. For example during our time in Manchester, we have met adults who are 'afraid' to go on the Trams! So many in our community have never even ventured out of South Manchester, never mind a day trip or short break.

The offer of a holiday or short break is wonderful, but we know that the idea for many would be too difficult to comprehend in terms of organisation. That is why 'Break Away' is different. We aim to SEEK families who are in real need. Use our knowledge and contacts to provide a SUITABLE break which will give the family just what they need (in terms of rest/fun/respite). We BEFRIEND the family, taking them through every step of the planning. We help the family BUDGET if there are costs involved and help them SAVE for spending money. We can also encourage them to save for further holidays. We ORGANISE transport if needed, or plan travel routes. We help arrange animal sitters, appointments and filling out any paperwork needed for bursary's or such like. This makes us different from grant making agencies because we work right from the beginning to the end and beyond with each family as we build relationships. We source breaks from grant making organisations as well as private properties or caravans from individuals as we grow our portfolio.
Our vision for year 1 is to pilot up to 4 family breaks starting with people in our local community. We aim to share God's love of family, and show families how much they are loved and valued, through the simple act of friendship and service.

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